Tips For How To Accessorize Your Plus Size Wardrobe

You are a plus size woman, but despite your size, you have always been one to dress in all the right clothes that flatter your size and shape. However, because of your career choice, you have to dress in conservative clothes that are more business oriented, and sometimes the outfits you have to wear have been a little on the plain side. What can you do to spice up those business casual clothes? Find the right accessories! Here are some tips on how to accessorize your plus size wardrobe and make it even more fabulous.

The Right Jewelry Can Make a Difference

Your wardrobe shows you have great taste in clothes, and the outfits you have carefully selected for work do match. However, while you do look sharp at work, you can make those great clothes look even better with the right jewelry. Now, as a plus size woman, you have to be careful of the jewelry you select because you want it to complement both you and your fashion sense. The best kind of jewelry for plus size women are the slightly oversized pieces. These days, the big jewelry that was once popular back in the 1980s is back, and you will see big chunky necklaces, big bracelets, and large oversized earrings. Now, these big jewelry pieces come in every color of the rainbow, but if you do not have the money to buy matching jewelry for every outfit, there are some things that you can do. The most basic colors you can get in this bigger jewelry are white, grey, tan, black, red, and blue. With these basic colors, you will be able to choose whichever one goes with your outfits. Also, another option for you, would be to get jewelry that is in silver and gold. Now, the price of these two precious metals can be quite high, but you can always get silver and gold colored jewelry, and no one is going to know they are not the real thing unless you tell them!

The Right Bag Can Make a Statement

In addition to just big jewelry, another accessory that a plus size woman can buy is the right handbag. Now these days, a lot of the catwalk models in Milan and Paris are walking around with these tiny clutch bags that are about the size of a postcard. However, for a plus size woman, the general rule is too tiny is too tiny! A small clutch bag, or tiny purse, may look cute on a woman that wears a size two, but for a plus size woman, a small bag is not going to do her any favors in terms of being flattering. A very small purse on a plus size woman is going to look like it belongs to a child, or is going to accentuate the woman’s proportions and make her look much bigger than they actually are. The rule for plus size women is the opposite, and that means, that the bigger the better! These days purses do come in extra small, but they come in extra-large too and a nice oversize shoulder bag or hobo bag, is going to make that plus size woman seem smaller than she actually is, which is a good thing. The best way to tell if a purse is the right size is to stand in a full length mirror with the purse over the shoulder. The bag should match a plus size woman’s proportions, and if the purse looks a little too small, then choose the next size up.

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Belts For Plus Size Women

Now, women that are plus size make see belts hanging in their favorite store and shy away from that whole area. However, this is the wrong attitude to have because belts can be wonderful accessories that really make an outfit eye catching. These days, belts are not just made out of stiff leather, but can come in different styles that can really accentuate not only the outfit, but the woman wearing it. A belt can be a sash around the waist that dangles off of one hip or even a chain that is set low enough to give a plus size woman waist definition. A nice wide baggy belt with some kind of jewel on it in the center, or off to the side, is going to catch the eye and give the illusion of a small waist, which is what every plus size woman wants.

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Scarves are Back In a Big Way

Back in the 1940s and 1950s, it was not uncommon to see a woman walking around in a great outfit with a matching scarf either in her hair or around her neck. As time went on, and fashion changed, a lot of women considered those scarves to be old fashioned, and boring, and they slowly began to disappear from the catwalk. However, these days, a lot of the retro fashions are back, and one of the blasts from the past that has returned is scarves. Plus size women can wear a scarf in their hair, around their necks, and even around their waists, and they are going to look absolutely stunning! Even if a scarf is just worn around the neck, it is going to say a lot about a woman’s sense of taste and style. Scarves can even make inexpensive substitutes for jewelry, and belts too, and they can even be made from pieces of scrap material that can be found in any fabric store. Scarves can even be sewed quite easily with a little bit of trim around the edges, and some nice jewels or other decorations, which makes them a must have accessory for any woman plus size or not.

ELOQUII Plus Size Skinny Tie Scarf

ELOQUII Plus Size Skinny Tie Scarf

Being a plus size woman has never stopped you from looking you best all the time. You have a sense of fashion and style, but there are always ways that you can dress up your work outfits with the right accessories. For plus size women, the best kinds of accessories are big chunky jewelry, oversized purses, and belts around their waists made from scarves, sashes, or chains. Just because a woman wears a plus size does not mean she has to dress drab, but can find the perfect accessories to make her look even more fabulous than she already is!

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