Tips for Finding the Right Fitting Bra

Finding the right fitting bra is important not only for offering women a nicely shaped bust, but also for health. Blood circulation to the breast and a proper support to prevent sagging are just some of the advantages of a good bra. It is estimated that more than half of women don’t wear a bra that is appropriate for their bodies.

First of all, the band of the bra needs to be wide enough so as not to squeeze the rib cage, not to leave marks on the skin and not to create any type of discomfort. In addition to this, the bra should be easily adjustable and offer proper support. Support is one of the most important aspects in a bra, and this doesn’t come from the straps, but from the under band and the cups. For best support, women can choose full-cup bras as they cover the entire breast. However, if you want lower-cut tops, you can choose the plunge bras and if you want additional support find wider back bands. If, on the other hand, you want your breast to look smaller, you can opt for a minimizer bra which will pull the breasts in.

The bra should have an appropriate size, not too small, nor too large. You can tell a bra is too small when the underwire digs into the breast tissues, and if the fabric bunches or creases the skin it is too large. Under the back band there should be room for exactly three fingers. The breast shouldn’t bulge out.

For plus size women the risk of wearing a bra that makes the breast seem to spill over is higher and that is why when buying this undergarment you should choose the one with heat-molded cups, and obviously the right size so that the breasts are beautifully shaped.

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Many plus size women exercise a lot. Because you move and sweat more, when exercising a bra can cause all sorts of problems, such as irritations. Your bra should have wider cups to allow the breasts to breathe and it should be made of moisture-wicking fabric, this way the sweat will evaporate more easily.

There are manufacturers who specialize in creating bras for plus size women, and if you can’t find these in the regular stores, you can always check online. However, because you can’t test if they fit, you should make sure the provider has an exchange policy.

Bras should define the waist and elongate the torso and support is essential. Luckily, plus size women have the option of buying bras with structural features which help in maximizing support. It is important to know the exact bra size, to this end you can do measurements yourself or you can go for a fitting. Sometimes, finding the right bra may require some time, but in terms of style and health is worth the trouble.

You can choose from many styles, but still the most important thing is to find the appropriate bra size. Many plus size women have heavier breasts than usual and it is even more important for them to find a bra that will favor their bust and be comfortable.

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