Star Vixen Women’s Plus-Size Sleeveless O-Ring Dress

A stunning looking sleeveless, full length dress in coral. A good quality USA made dress once again made from 92% polyester and 8% spandex, requiring hand wash only. To the front there is a V neckline and an O-shape ring around the waist.

Star Vixen Women's Plus-Size Sleeveless O-Ring Dress 1

This dress is both fashionable and comfortable and is particularly well suited to the summer months. The material is quite thin and perhaps not as good in terms of quality as some of its rivals, but at well under $40 this dress offers a great combination of style, comfort and value.

Star Vixen Women's Plus-Size Sleeveless O-Ring Dress 2

Sizes 1X Plus and 2X Plus are available and, unlike its Star Vixen rival, should fit comfortably without the need to buy the next size up.

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