Seven Til Midnight Women’s Plus Size Seductress Tube Dress

This night dress comes in one size only and is available in a choice of black or pink. As you can see from the images, this is a very sexy and seductive outfit, and it doesn’t disappoint in real life. It can make you look and feel sexy no matter your size, and is a perfect accompaniment to a night of intimacy!

Seven Til Midnight Women's Plus Size Seductress Tube Dress 1

Prices are very reasonable, typically $15 for the black, and a little more for the pink. This represents very good value in our opinion.

For anyone of a certain size, this night dress might seem like a risky purchase. Unusually it comes in one size only, and as you can see, it is cut out at the sides as well as down the front, leaving little to the imagination. But the fabric is very stretchy indeed and, despite being cut out in countless places, it holds everything in place extremely well.

This outfit looks amazing and fits a tremendous range of body types and sizes despite its single size. Even if you are 300lb and/or size 30, this will be as good a choice as we have seen, with fabric that will stretch to your curves and tuck everything in remarkably well, providing support where you need it. It also works with most breast sizes – certainly up to EE and probably larger.

Seven Til Midnight Women's Plus Size Seductress Tube Dress 2

There aren’t many bad things that can be said about this outfit. It might not work for absolutely everyone – it is only small with many cuts in it, so even the stretchy fabric might not be enough to accommodate everyone. And of course, if it’s something sensible you are looking for then this isn’t it, but for some fun in the bedroom whatever your size, this is a superb choice.

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