Seven Til Midnight Plus Size Paisley Lace Bustier Queen Size

This Seven Til Midnight Paisley Lace Bustier comes in a choice of four colors – black, purple, pink and red – with an excellent range of sizes going up to a 4X plus. Price is in the $25-$35 range, and although this is a little more expensive than some products reviewed here, it is very sturdy despite its lace effect, and comes with matching thong and removable garters. The product should be hand washed.

Seven Til Midnight Plus Size Paisley Lace Bustier Queen Size 1

The outfit is designed to be very adjustable – the straps and even the lace effect at the front can be adjusted, making it a good choice where comfort is concerned. Whereas many products of this nature tend to run small, this bustier is on the larger side, and you might want to consider going down a size, especially if you are a borderline size.

Despite its large sizing, it is actually quite small around the breasts. It is generally fine up to a D or DD, but anything beyond an E will likely be too big if you want to wear this outfit comfortably. And while breast support is good, it is less impressive than some other similar products.

Quality is very good. Although the product is thin and made of lace, it has been well put together and worthy of its $25+ price tag. It makes an excellent job of tucking everything in and hiding unwanted lumps and bumps, due in part to its adjustable straps and lace trim.

Overall this is a well made and great looking product, which runs slightly on the large size, but with modest cup size. The thong and garters are good also. Recommended, unless you are above an E cup.

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