How Plus-size Women Can Solve Their Self-esteem Problems?

There is one thing that always walks hand in hand with extra weight and that is diminished self-esteem. No matter how much self-helping books shout that it is all about what you are as a person and not what you weigh, the truth is that society is not as tolerant as it should be, or at least as plus-size women want it to be.

If we start making a list of the reasons why plus-size women have problems with their self-esteem, we can begin with the practical ones.

1.  Plus-size women think that they look ugly and shapeless – this is the most common reason why they don’t have self-esteem. This happens because society is brainwashed by this general pattern of worshipping slim women and condemning the rest that do not belong to the 90-60-90 size chart. But it is important to look at yourself in the mirror through your own eyes and through the eyes of the people who love and appreciate you. Do not compare yourself to the rest of the world as every person is unique. There is much more than physical looks that matters. As you know time changes the physical shape of people and even the ones that look slim and fit in their youth, quite often change physically with age and gain weight.

2.  Plus-size women think that they will never find a husband/boyfriend – if you go to a bar for example and you see that men always try to impress and attract the attention of thin women, dressed in tight clothes, looking like Playboy models, it is quite normal that your self-esteem will hit the bottom. But you have to know that such men are not worth your attention because they are only interested in getting a woman in the sack and that is all. Men who really appreciate a woman are ready to look deeper into her and beyond the weight figures. And if you think about it – is the bar really the right place to meet someone worthy of your attention? So when you go to such a place, be in the company of your friends and just enjoy yourself without giving much thought why no one tries to hunt you down.

3.  Plus-size women cannot find the right size of clothes – it is not a pleasant experience to treated like a mammoth in clothes’ shops where you always hear “Oh, no, we don’t have THAT size of clothes”. Well, the good news is that you can buy your size of clothes online. Moreover, there are really nice and elegant models that will make you look like a queen. There are also discounts that you can take advantage of if you buy more than one item and most retailers offer free next day delivery. Another good side of wearing plus-size clothes is that for sure you will stand out among the crowd because the standard size of clothes are all the same. When you get out in the street you see all the same size, all the same model of clothes. The fact that you cannot fit in the standard size will keep you out of this fashion matrix in which the rest of the women are.

4 . Plus-size women have more vulnerable health – the most common health issues that you can have are high blood pressure, diabetes, hormonal problems, oily skin and hair, skin rashes, sweating too much, bone problems, etc. So this is why it is important that your plus-size doesn’t become obesity. The truth is that the line between the two is very thin. So sticking to a healthy nutrition plan is very important. You can still enjoy your favorite foods but in reasonable quantities.

5.  Plus-size women are ashamed of their weight and think that others blame them for being too lazy to work out and too greedy to give up on fast food and chocolate – if you make a research, ten out of ten people will tell you the same thing: fat women are fat because they are too undisciplined to follow a diet and prefer to eat chips in front of the TV instead of going to the gym. Probably in most of the cases it is true, but there are people who just get stuck on the same weight and no matter what they do, they cannot lose more of it. So don’t mind what the rest of the world says. Just eat everything you like in reasonable portions, try to avoid unhealthy foods and substitute them with something that is good for your health – for example eat dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate, honey instead of sugar, poultry and fish instead of pork, wholegrain bread instead of white one, fruit smoothies instead of ice cream, etc.

In the end, we can conclude the following – do not forget that there is plastic surgery for body corrections, but there is no brain surgery to make people smarter. Doctors can change your heart so that you have a good health, but cannot implant honesty, kindness, generosity, etc. in it. It doesn’t matter how much you weigh, as long as the people that are important for you take you as you are. Your self-esteem is an inner feeling and should never depend on someone else. If you make someone happy, if you help someone in need, if people want to be in your company because you make them laugh and because they can trust you, etc. all of this is a reason for you feel needed and appreciated.

People we meet are our mirrors, and we should see ourselves through our eyes, and not theirs. As long as you are not dependent of people’s opinion, your self-esteem will be a constant value. And don’t forget that there are countries where men pay in gold the weight of the woman they want to marry, and the heavier she is, the more desirable she becomes. The bigger the diamonds are, the more precious and valuable they are.


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