Summer Fashion Trends 2015

Psst! Want to look your best this summer? Sometimes it is hard to think about, with the heat, humidity and trying to plan your vacation when the boss only says “No” to your requested days off. But fortunately we’ve got all of the helpful go-to tips you’ll need to understand today’s summer fashion trends to look pretty and glamorous at any size.

Say “Hello!” to the 1970’s! The hippy, trippy styles of the 1970’s are back. This means fun colors like deep raspberry pink, mustard yellow and paisley prints. We’ve also seen wider leg pants available, likely a nod to the bellbottoms of yesteryear, but they aren’t as extreme as the ones from the 70’s. The most fun about the 70’s fashions are the pretty colors and some of the hippy style fashions you can try, such as outfits with fringe.

Mix & Match Master. You don’t need a DJ spinning your favorite tunes to get this look. Turn to colors and patterns that you love – and simply mix it up! The old fashioned rules really don’t apply any more, more colors and styles go together than ever before. Try a skinny striped top with a chunky striped bottom or a dainty floral top with a skinny striped bottom. Everyone will know you are following the latest style.

Bold Florals are in Bloom. Don’t let anyone sneak up to you with a watering can! Floral prints have been popular for years but this season the bold, bright and very vivid floral patterns are especially in style. These are especially fun for summer when many flowers are naturally showing all of their glory. Try a bold floral bathing suit for a feminine look with that extra “wow!” factor or a maxidress that is certain to get many compliments.

All Aboard for Nautical Wear. The Nautical style fashions are in. This is a great style to adapt for your work wear outfits as well as to consider for your casual clothes. Most nautical clothing colors are found in the navy blue and white but you’ll also see accent colors like red, yellow and blue. This is a very crisp and polished look that makes you appear very polished for the work day or look pretty for drinks out with the girls.

White Lace & Crochet. Fashions with an extra feminine touch are in style this season, so look for dresses and separates that have white lace & crochet accents or are completely white and have this lace or crochet to complete the look. The old rules about no white clothing after Labor Day no longer apply, so women can feel comfortable wearing their white clothing well into September and as far beyond as they would like to. The white lace and crochet style is a delicate look. For the work day, consider wearing one piece with this style with other more structured clothing. Going out with friends or on “date night” this is the perfect look to choose to get many compliments.

Khaki is Cool Too. There are a lot of fun looks that are in this season. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to wear khaki. Most often you’ll find this in casual and dressy casual clothes, made most popular with khaki pants and capri khaki pants. But you’ll also find some pretty khaki style dresses this season and business separates. Lighter colors always make you feel cool in summer’s heat and humidity, so this is an excellent one to add to your summer collection.

Jump Up and Down for Jumpsuits! This fashion style may make your inner child smile, as jumpsuits are back “in” again. You’ll find them available for dressy occasions as well as casual wear. The jumpsuit is the perfect choice to easily look sleek and elegant. Try your jumpsuit with wedges or platform shoes to make this complete. Most jumpsuits are available in solid colors like black, steel grey and bold red but you’ll also see some patterns too.

Shoes & Accessories You’ll Love This Summer

The stylish woman knows that her look isn’t complete until she’s added that “just right” pair of shoes and accessories. Here are some great summer fashion trends for shoes & accessories.

Platform Shoes, Chunky Heels & Wedges – Shorter women will be especially happy to hear about these shoe trends, as each of these will help them add an inch or two – or more, depending on the style you select. For summer use self-tanner on your legs instead of pantyhose to get out the door quickly, look great and to be comfortable at any occasion.

Gold Jewelry – This trend has been in style for several years, quite likely because most know that real gold jewelry is pricey, so owning it is a real status symbol these days. You have many options with gold jewelry. Choose a big and bold piece or select a few dainty pieces.

Bold Statement Necklaces – This is an accessory trend that really gets you noticed and is ideal whether you are going to work or out with friends. You’ll find statement necklaces in many styles, representing animals, flowers, shapes and using a wide variety of materials from metals, gemstones, plastic and even wood.

Pendant Necklaces – Choose this style as it will compliment many outfits in your wardrobe. Pendants can be big or small and you’ll get a pleasant affect. Today’s trends with pendants most often show them made out of metals or wood but you’ll also find them in gemstones. Select a few to add to your summer wardrobe.

Chain Necklaces – This classic necklace has gone unnoticed for a long time, but this season, chains have gotten bigger and chunkier. So we can admire them! You’ll find chains in many different colors of metal and bright, vivid plastic too, so you can easily match them to any outfit that pleases you.

Always For Me Plus Size Swimsuits

As you can see, we have a summer full of style and many options to look pretty. Best of all, you can customize these trends to truly show your own personality while enjoying the latest “looks” and still look uniquely you!

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