Pandolah Plus Size High Waist Padded Two-Piece Tassel Swimsuit

Imilan Women's Plus Size Retro High Waist Braided Fringe Top Bikini Swimwear 8

This is a two piece bikini and pretty much the same as the Imilan Braided Fringe Top Bikini also reviewed here. Indeed, our comments about this bikini are the same as for the Imilan, which can be summaried as follows:-

  • Retro styling
  • Comfortable, but choose the next size up
  • Large around the bust, so not recommended if you are flat chested
  • Excellent value for money
  • Straps on the thin side
  • Fewer tassels around the fringe than shown in the picture

Sizing is a little different than for the Imilian, with a US size 14 being about the largest, which, according to Pandolah, is equivalent to a size 3XL.

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