Mika – Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)

Mika, full name Michael Holbrook Penniman, is a Lebanese-British singer-songwriter based in England. Born on 18 August 1983, Mika’s rise to fame began in 2006 when he released “Relax, Take It Easy”, and more notably a year later when he topped the charts in several countries with the song “Grace Kelly” which sold over half a million copies in the UK alone. This was followed by “Love Today”, also a success, reaching number six in the UK.

His fourth single Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) was also released in 2007 and reached number nine in the UK whilst charting in numerous other European countries. As the title would suggest, it is a celebration of big women and their beauty, with several such women appearing in its video (see below). Mika was inspired into writing the song after learning of a club in the United States called the Butterfly lounge, aimed specifically at larger women. Mika refers to the club in the song.



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