LargerDate Review

LargerDate operates on both sites of the Atlantic, so for the USA they can be found at whilst over in the UK it’s The site has been around since 2007 and, whilst not the biggest dating site out there, offers an interesting alternative to the more mainstream sites for those in search of a BBW or admirer.

The UK and US versions of this site are arguably worthy of separate reviews because, although the sites are similar, there are differences as far as member profiles are concerned. We will start by touching on the features that are common to both sites, then look at the differences later.

larger date review

Navigating the site

If there is one thing that stands out about LargerDate, then it’s the ability to browse user profiles without needing to sign in or register first. The quick search facility allows you to browse members based on age, sex and location, giving you a feel for what’s out there before you start entering all kinds of personal information. You even get to see profile galleries. It only works for a while before they begin insisting you sign in, but even then, you can always hop on another browser and carry on a while longer.

We like this feature a lot. After all, even free membership comes at a cost in terms of time and effort, and the fact that you are supplying personal data and risking getting bombarded with emails till the day you die. At least with LargerDate, you need not bother unless you see anybody you like by doing a quick search.

Registering is easy too. Just choose a username, password and email and supply your name, age, location and what you are looking for. Once inside, enter as much or as little as you like and away you go. Navigating the site is easy, and we didn’t see any evidence of fake or scam profiles, although there are an awful lot of active profiles of members that have not visited the site for a long time.

LargerDate members

This is where our opinions become divided. Let’s start with the UK site. We were actually very pleased with the kind of results we got. OK, there are not exactly thousands of active members in any one region, and certainly there are far fewer than you would find on a larger dating site, but we are only looking for BBWs, and there was a good concentration of them in our region of choice. With that said, once you strip out the members who haven’t visited the site for a week or three, you’re not left with a vast choice.

And the US site? This is called “LargerDate” right? Because from what we can see, there is actually no focus on BBW at all. Do a search and you will get every body type going. There is even an advanced option where you can search by body type, and you get the full range – petite, slender, athletic, right through to full figured and “heavy”. This leaves us wondering why the site even has the name it does, and where it is even getting its member profiles from. To make matters worse, the quick search function is temperamental, often returning no results, even if you search within a 500 mile radius!


If you are in the USA, look elsewhere. Curvy Date is a good start, or Cuddly Dating, or go for the big players like LargerDate didn’t work well for us, although thanks to the free quick search facility, you can at least have a look without even registering. In the UK, it’s a different story – this is well worth a look, but consider other, more mainstream sites as well, as there will be many potential matches out there that you won’t find here.

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