How to Love Your Plus Size Figure

Let’s face it, being a plus size woman can be difficult sometimes. As the media constantly bombards us with images of slim, size 0 women, it’s easy to become self-conscious about your plus size body. If you find you aren’t enjoying life as much as you should be because of your size, it’s time to give that confidence a boost.

Regardless of what is shown by the media, what people mainly look at when meeting you is your personality. It doesn’t matter how big you are; you need to remember that you are beautiful. So how can you learn to love your curvaceous figure? Below you’ll discover some of the best confidence boosting tips.

Stop body shaming!

One of the most common things plus size women are guilty of is body shaming. It could be you regularly use phrases such as “I’m so fat” or “I know I’m fat but…”Firstly if you are guilty of using the F word, stop it! This only lowers your self-esteem. If you eliminate fat from your vocabulary and instead use ‘plus size’ or ‘curvaceous’, it will gradually change how you see yourself. Fat is an ugly word and it automatically gives you a negative view of yourself.

Dress to suit your personality

Are you guilty of going out and trying to find clothes that make you look slimmer? A lot of women do; opting for mainly black clothes so they can hide their curves. The trouble is, while dressing to look slimmer can improve your confidence, your entire wardrobe shouldn’t consist of plain, dull clothes that focus on covering you up. Take inspiration from plus size celebrities such as Melissa McCarthy. Plus sized and proud, Melissa has managed to stay strong and confident in Hollywood despite the huge stigma surrounding weight and image. She wears what she wants to and always looks happy, stylish and confident.

When choosing clothes focus on what you love. Your wardrobe should be a reflection of your personality. If you love your clothes, you will automatically become more confident as you will feel comfortable in what you are wearing.

Focus on what you think

There will always be people who try to bring you down no matter what size or shape you are. The key to being happy in your own skin is to focus on your positives. You need to be your own cheerleader. This means embracing the good parts of your body. Perhaps, like many women, you now have a larger tummy because you had children? Instead of seeing this as a bad thing, embrace what it actually means. Your body carried your child and the larger, slightly saggy skin is a reminder of how beautiful that is. Focus on what you actually like about your body. It can help to write down the things you like and read them back at times when you feel low.

Let go of unrealistic images

One of the biggest challenges you face is being surrounded by unrealistic images of what beauty means. What so many women don’t realise is that even the models in the magazines you read don’t look that way in real life. They have been touched up and the images you see aren’t real. This means you’re constantly struggling to achieve an impossible body image. Start by throwing those magazines away. Surround yourself with positive things. Take inspiration from plus size models and throw away those body shaming magazines. If you surround yourself with negative things, you will end up feeling negative. The mind is a powerful thing and if you start to think more positively, you will soon become a much happier woman regardless of your size.

Don’t torture yourself with smaller clothes

Hands up – who has bought smaller clothing to try to motivate themselves to lose weight? This is a common mistake that a lot of women make. It seems logical that staring at clothes you can’t currently fit into will motivate you to exercise more and lose those excess pounds. However, what tends to happen is at some point you start to lose that motivation and simply feel demoralized that you can’t fit into those clothes right now. Not only are you demoralizing yourself but you’re also wasting money. Buy clothes that fit you now. There is a lot of flattering, sexy plus size clothing available these days. Plus sized clothes have really made their mark on the fashion industry in recent years so you will find plenty of choice both on and offline.


Start living the life you want now

How many times have you said to yourself that your life will properly start once you’ve lost weight? Life should be enjoyed no matter what size, shape, ethnicity, gender or age you are. So you’re a little heavier than you’d like. It isn’t the end of the world. If you want to go to the beach, go. Put on your plus size bathing suit with pride and just enjoy being out in the sun. Don’t concern yourself with what anybody else is thinking.

This is your life, your body and you deserve to enjoy the beautiful weather as much as anybody else does. Remember, you only have one life. When you’re older the last thing you want is to feel regret for the things you didn’t do because you was ashamed of your body. You start to realize as you age that the things you thought mattered so much, such as your weight, really didn’t matter that much at all.

The above tips may sound easy enough, but you need to remember it takes time to build confidence. The longer you have been led to feel like you aren’t beautiful because you are bigger, the longer it will take to change your mind-set. It all starts with changing the way you think. If you start switching those negative thoughts into positive ones, you will soon start to notice how much better you feel. Look at your body in the mirror, be thankful for it and let go of what everybody else may think. This is your life and you are a beautiful plus size woman.


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