How to Buy the Most Flattering Plus Size Clothing

Any woman that picks up a fashion magazine is going to see a very thin woman on the cover. It can be very disheartening for plus size women to read any of the latest fashion magazines because there is nothing but thin women featured on every page. Also a trip to any department store can also make a plus size woman groan because the fashions that some of the big name stores carry are not the most flattering because they are overly bright or have busy patterns on them. However, there are stores that carry lovely plus size clothes, but a plus size woman needs to make sure that she chooses the most flattering clothes that will accentuate all the curves she got. Here are some to help that big beautiful woman find the perfect clothes for her shape and size.

Every Plus Size Woman Should Know their Measurements

No two plus size retail clothing stores defines their plus sizes in the exact same way. A woman may buy a dress that is her normal size, but when she gets home and tries it on, it may be either too big or two small. Knowing body measurements is always the best idea so that women can use them to pick the right size. Any woman that does not know their own measurements needs to ask a friend to help them. The most important parts of the body to measure are the chest, waist, and hips.

Choose the Style that Is the Most Appealing

The problem with some retail stores is that they do not have a very good sense of style when it comes to plus size clothing. Some of the clothing can be very wild in terms of colors and prints, and a lot of plus size women literally cringe when they see the latest plus size fashions. Another important rule of shopping for flattering plus size clothing is to never settle. Some women will just shrug at clothing they find unattractive, but grab them and buy them anyway because they feel like they have no other choice. However, there are many fashionable stores that have nice plus size clothing, and they are worth seeking out. Remember, any clothing bought will become part of any plus size woman’s wardrobe, and money should not be wasted on clothes that will more than likely never see the light of day.

Try Things On at the Store

These days, a lot of women love to shop on the Internet because they can get the best deals. However, for plus size women, the web may offer good prices, but they may not get the right size of clothing if they just pick a size and order something. Some plus size retailers have different perimeters for what constitutes the different plus sizes. While some online retailers may have a measurement chart, where women can compare their measurements, which will make selecting the right size very easy, others do not, and that’s when the guessing game begins. What happens if the wrong size is bought? The return process can be a pain in the neck, which is why it is always best for plus size women to shop locally so that clothes can be tried on. A dress or outfit may look great on the web, but trying it on is always best so a plus size woman can see how it looks, and then decide, whether to buy it or to keep on looking.

Baggy Style Clothes Can Be Flattering and Comfortable

When it comes to being a plus size woman, it is important that she stays away from clothes that are too tight. While it is tempting for a plus size woman to wear something form fitting, the fact is that tight clothes may be very uncomfortable to wear. However, something that is baggy can be just as flattering as tighter clothing, but a plus size woman will be able to move around easily, and she will not have to worry about not being able to breathe. Baggy clothes equal comfort, and there are plenty of styles to choose from that can be quite stylish. However, when a plus size woman finds a baggy outfit, she does need to try it on to make sure that it does fit well, and that the waist of a shirt is long enough to go down to the panty line or the tops of the thighs, which is going to give her a longer looking waist.

Different Materials Equals Different Looks

Plus size clothing can be made from cotton, but it can also be made from polyester, rayon, nylon, or any other material. However, just because a blouse looks good on a hanger does not mean it will look good on the body. Also keep in mind that the season may also dictate what material is available. In the spring and summer, cotton is the most popular fabric due to the fact it’s lightweight and cool. Also, there may be cotton and polyester blends available, which are just as comfortable to wear, and will also look very stylish too.

Fashion magazines feature average size women on their covers, which can be difficult for women who are not average size. Plus size women should not take such magazines to heart because they can get clothes that are just as nice as the ones featured in many fashion magazines. Shopping for plus size clothing can be a challenge, especially when the retail stores that offer them are limited. These days, plus size clothing is actually beginning to show up in major retailers, but when women go shopping for outfits, they need to be careful. Buying clothes can be fun, but there are some tips that plus size women need to remember such as knowing their own measurements, making sure they try something on before buying it, and buying clothes they want and not just settle for whatever a store may have that may not be the most flattering color or style. Plus size women deserve to have as many styles to choose from as average size women, and shopping for clothing should be just as fun and easy.


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