Cuddly Dating Review

Cuddly Dating is a BBW dating website that sets itself apart from many of its rivals by being a site dedicated solely to BBWs and their admirers, rather than forming part of a larger network of sites that contain members from all kinds of other niches. By joining Cuddly Dating, you can be sure of being part of a closed community of BBWs and admirers, further enhancing your chances of meeting just the kind of person you are looking for.

On the down side, that community will be smaller than you would get on rival sites such as or BBPeoplemeet. After all, you are going to get fewer members on a specialized site such as this than on larger, better known sites or site networks, so by choosing only Cuddly Dating, you might be missing out on potential matches. That is not to say this site does not come recommended however – like we said above, the audience here is well targeted so you are less likely to be swamped with members who don’t fit your criteria.

cuddly dating review

Site layout

The site is presented in a similar manner to its rivals. You don’t get to see an awful lot without first registering, but this is free. You don’t have to enter tons of personal info – as much or as little as you please – although obviously certain basic details are mandatory. Once you have done this, you can view all the user profiles, send messages and so on.

You need a paid membership to read other people’s messages, but you can send ‘winks’ for free, which should help you decide whether the site is worth exploring further once you have signed up.

Our thoughts and verdict

The site is easy to navigate and well maintained. There are a number of useful features including private chat/instant messaging and a block feature for added safety. Members are checked and screened for authenticity and you don’t get bombarded with seemingly irrelevant emails, often from other sites, as we have seen before on some sites.

We actually like this site as it focuses specifically on BBW and contains little, if any, suspicious looking profiles. You don’t get the volume and diversity of members as on other larger sites, but it costs nothing to come in and at least have a look, which we recommend doing.

Cuddly Dating can be visited here.

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