Choosing Clothes that Will Compliment any Plus Size Woman

All women can look astounding if they wear the right clothes and accessories. For plus size women, however, this task is more difficult since they have to take into consideration so many aspects, but it is still very doable. You have to emphasize on your positive features, like face shape, eyes, color of the skin etc and find a way to conceal what doesn’t look favorable.

To look perfect, and maybe even astonishing, certain fashion rules must be followed. Firstly, there are the colors: opt for dark ones to hide certain areas, and for light colors to highlight your beautiful features. Be careful not to wear black all the time, choose also bold or warm colors to bring focus to areas you are proud of. These could be your waist, your arms, your breasts etc. Secondly, another fashion “prerequisite” for plus size women concerns patterns: if you are plus sized, choose the small ones, and never big patterns. Thirdly, horizontal strips tend to make you look larger, but vertical or diagonal ones will flatter your appearance. Moreover, ruffles need to be worn on areas which you want to bring focus to, gathered fabric or ruches on parts of your body which need to look smaller. On the other hand, you have to get rid of the oversized, baggy clothing; they look awkward and communicate lack of self confidence, not to mention the fact that you would seem larger than you truly are.

Accessories can make a big difference when it comes to apparel. The advantage of plus size women is the fact that they can wear unusual and bold accessories that will compliment their look. Big bracelets and bangles, a pair of beautiful, special earrings and a big handbag will add a personal touch to your looks, making you look thinner. Also, if you are choosing long boots, equestrian, you can wear a colorful skirt in a very fashionable manner.

There are designers who make clothes for plus size women and you should definitely check them out. As mentioned before, you can look fabulous and fashionable even if your size is not that perfect. Arden B., Size Appeal, or Jessica London are some examples. Both designers and fashion manufacturers understand the fact that curves don’t need to be hidden; there are means of creating clothes so that they fit perfectly on plus size women, making them look and feel great.

Dressing and shopping for clothes need to be positive experiences, and this usually happens when you have a healthy self-esteem. If you lack confidence, chances are this will be translated in your apparel too, and therefore you have to work on this issue. Don’t deceive yourself by saying you will wear those beautiful clothes when you will lose some weight. Wear them now and be confident you can still look fantastic if you follow some simple rules like those described above, and if you add a little of your personal, good taste to your clothing.



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