Admire Plus Size Women as It Is Always Better to Have More of Everything

Well, it is time to turn off the Fashion channel on TV, throw away the fashion magazines and talk some real life here!

For those who think that plus size women are always unhappy, always hungry, always on a diet, with low self-esteem or none at all, have bad skin, wear slack clothes and watch only romance movies as they have no personal romantic experiences – we are going to break some myths!

First of all, have you noticed that fashion changes quite a bit in favor of voluptuous women? That minus size that everyone used to admire in the past, is neglected by men who really know how to appreciate a woman. I am not talking about clothes that look like a sack, but really elegant dresses that show the perfect shapes of the hips and breasts and hide a thing or two where needed. There are many websites nowadays where you can shop plus size clothes – underwear, dresses, tunics, shirts, sexy lingerie, coats, etc. In the past this used to be quite a lux – to be able to find stylish big size clothes and not just wear jeans and men’s shirts because they are sold in the right size for you. Today, clothes designers notice that the trend changes and there is a big demand for plus size clothing. I do not know whether it is accelerated evolution or the hormones that we take with the meat we eat, but it is a fact – everywhere you turn, you see plus size women. And all of these women should buy clothes from somewhere, right?

Do you remember that when you were a child, your grandma always had something sweet prepared for you? She always had a cookie jar filled up with the sweetest butter cookies and the home made chocolate cake was ravishing. Nanas always say that a fluffy child is a healthy child. I do not want to argue with diet specialists about all the wrong that sugar does to children as they demonize everything that has more calories than a lemon. But there is a reason why old people say that well fed people are healthy. Starving and sick people are thin. If you tell the doctor that you have no appetite, this is a symptom that you are getting sick. Can you imagine that there are women who keep themselves starving just to fit in the zero size because that looks good on the catwalk? Please, just have a close look and see how tortured these models look like, their knee caps turn inwards while they walk and you can count the ribs on their backs. What is the beauty in that… The first thing that comes to your mind is that they are starving. Of course, they are – no one can survive on two crackers and 3 liters of water per day.

Men like slim women because they make them look good in public. Actually, you don’t need to be Freud, to understand that such men have such a low self-esteem and feel so unappreciated, that they need someone else to make them stand out. They treat model-like women as a jewel that they carry around and then put it back in a box. I do not want to say that slim women are stupid, but for sure most of them are so self-absorbed that they do not have anything else to talk about but the latest style in fashion, what has less calories – a fruit or a vegetable and God forbid they gain a hundred grams. Hell will freeze over before they let go of the 100 grams, believe me. The truth is that the expectations that are put on slim women are very big. They must stay lean, they must watch out the calorie count, they must not eat after 6 p.m., they must work out, their whole life is one big “must”. And where is the fun in that? And have a look at plus size woman – even if she gains a pound or two, no one will notice. No one will expect from her to eat salad and drink mineral water for dinner. If she wants to eat French fries, she will, if she has a craving for ice-cream in the middle of the night, she will eat it. She will never stand in front of the sweet shop and torture herself whether to eat a chocolate petit four or not. She will never feel bad about herself eating it.

And here we come to the next truthful fact – plus size women enjoy food much more, every meal is a festivity for them. They appreciate good food and that is the reason why most women chefs in the world look so yummy. They never feel guilty about eating a bit more, they never turn each meal into a mathematical equation. And I have to tell you that men secretly admire women who order something more than just a 100 calorie meal because they all know the old saying – big appetite for food, big appetite for sex.

Here is the magical word that opens men’s hearts – is there anything more desirable than a woman who is always craving for sex and is always ready to comfort you in her plush bosom and make you feel that everything will be alright tomorrow? Men find it difficult to give up on the mother-son relationship because there are times when this bond makes them feel safe. But if you have a plus size wife, you will never lose the comforting caress of your mom and at the same time it will be seasoned with sizzling and conquering erotic experience.

So if you are lucky to have a plus size woman by your side then you have more of everything – more love, more fluffy spots to kiss, more delicious meals, more loving attention, more appreciation and everything else that you can think of. And in the end if you become a plus size man, no one will mind it.


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